Every day is a struggle. Every day has been a struggle since they carelessly launched OCK2K23. It hit nowhere near us, but no one was prepared for the fallout from a shell of that size. The smaller countries went first, no survivors. We got lucky, really lucky. Right place at the right time, I guess.. given the worst case scenario. Listen, I won't sugar coat it. The water is toxic. The ground is toxic. Hell, the air we're breathing right now is toxic. There's no growing vegetables here and drinking the water is a death wish. You've got to seep it through a water purifier first. Good luck finding one of those. People are starving, they're scared. We're scared. All of us. We're cornered. Every day is more likely to be your last than not. Just keep your head down, your eyes up and unless you have no choice, don't make everyone else's life harder than it needs to be. The last thing anyone needs is fighting with other people. And if you're stuck outside at night, well.. just try to survive until sunrise. That's what we're all doing anyways.. we just want to survive.. until sunrise.

The story begins soon. How will you die?

There Was Hope is an upcoming Garry's Mod gamemode planned for public release late 2015 or earlier. It is currently in Early Access. You'll be challenged to survive in an extremely harsh post-apocalyptic environment where civilization has been wiped out. Resources will be scarce while hunger, thirst and sickness aplenty. In a world where survival is almost impossible, only the fittest can survive, barely. Will you be a survivor, or a victim to the wasteland?

Every new feature we add to the game aims to enhance the realism without compromising the fun. As of yet, our playtests have been very successful and There Was Hope is shaping up to be an amazing experience for all those who love a gritty, no-spoonfeeding and unforgiving survival simulation.